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File RoundUp Lite

File RoundUp Lite performs all of the basic operations of File RoundUp. In addition to all the scanning and searching functions, File RoundUp Lite capabilities include:
  • Launch files
  • Delete files (to the trash can)
  • Show in Finder
  • Batch Search
  • Display Image thumbnails
  • full search capabilities
  • full scan capabilities
  • unlimited catalog sizes
  • You may upgrade a Lite version to the Pro version at any time.

Cost: $30.00


File RoundUp Pro

File RoundUp Pro adds many file manipulation capabilities to File RoundUp Lite, including the abilities to:

  • Copy
  • Move
  • Move to Desktop
  • Make Aliases
  • Set File Info
  • Compress
  • Expand
  • Install Comments
  • Rename
  • Search/Replace Names
  • Synchronize Files

The Pro version also adds support for multiple preferences sets, exporting the catalog text, network volume automatic mounting, and other advanced capabilities. Certain operations that are available, but limited, in File RoundUp Lite are unlimited in File RoundUp Pro, including Thumbnail Display and Batch Search functions.

Cost: $79.00

Upgrade $49.00
File RoundUp Pro Upgrade (requires current Lite license)

Upgrades Lite version to Pro version.

Cost: $49.00

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