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If you're thinking, "who needs another disk cataloger", we invite you to compare performance and capabilities. Despite other's claims, File RoundUp is much faster and more powerful than any other catalog utility for the Macintosh. Here's the results of our testing of several competing utilities. To make the comparisons fair, tests were performed with two scan settings: 1) no comments or archives scanned; and 2) scan Stuffit archives and get comments on OS 9. Your results may vary. We invite independent testing!

Testing on OS 10.3 (Panther), time to scan 244,000 files on one local volume on an iMac G4/700:

with Stuffit Archives
CDFinder 4.2.1
over 7 minutes
File RoundUp Carbon 2.1.9
less than 3 minutes


Testing on OS 10.2 (Jaguar) scanning 181,000 files on 5 local volumes:

No Archives
Stuffit Archives
CDFinder 3.6.4
245 seconds
295 seconds
DiskTracker 2.2.2
196 seconds
220 seconds
File RoundUp Carbon 2.1.4
120 seconds
150 seconds


Testing on OS 9.2 scanning 60,000 files on 10 local volumes:

No Archives
Stuffit Archives, Comments
CDFinder 3.6.4
42 seconds
151 seconds
DiskTracker 2.2.1
52 seconds
95 seconds
Disk Recall 1.2.8
19 seconds
56 seconds
File RoundUp Classic 2.1.4
9 seconds
38 seconds

(options for all applications: no version information)

Besides being the fastest, File RoundUp also offers many capabilities not available elsewhere, including:

  • Update function (including display of changes since last scan)
  • file contents comparison
  • "flat" file listing, as well as hierarchical
  • picks up OS X comments
  • more powerful search capabilities
  • batch rename with GREP capabilities
  • Multi-media display in general purpose catalog utility
  • ability to save complex searches in Search Sets and distribute to other users

Many other functions are brought together in File RoundUp Pro that would otherwise require a dozen or more separate utilities. Combined with File RoundUp's powerful tools for finding and selecting files from throughout your storage media, this gives you far greater power than the individual utilities provide.

Go to the Downloads page to get File RoundUp now, and test drive it for free!


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