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File RoundUp Version 2.6.3 is now available!

This is a free update to registered users. If you are a user of File RoundUp 1.0 and have a serial number with more than 9 digits, you'll need to contact us for a new one. Please contact us if you have any questions about upgrading.

Each download package below contains the application, the File RoundUp User's Guide (an abbreviated user's manual), and other related documents. Additional documentation will be sent to you once you've registered the application and follow the instructions. It's simple and fast.

Send Warp Ten Updates an email if you'd like to be notified of later releases of File RoundUp. See the Orders page for information about purchasing File RoundUp, or just click the "Register" button in the application.



Download File RoundUp

File RoundUp Carbon version may be used on any version of Mac OS X On Snow Leopard (Mac OS 10.6), it makes use of Rosetta.

Latest version:

File RoundUp 2.6.3 Carbon (for Mac OS X)

Download FRU Carbon Installer (1600KB)

If you have any problems downloading File RoundUp, please notify us by e-mail . We'll be happy to send the latest version to you as an attachment. Just let us know which package you need.


File RoundUp Release Notes

VERSION 2.6.3 is the current release of File RoundUp.

The 2.6 update is a Major update. This release includes a number of major changes. The most visible, in OS X, is the use of the Finder fonts and icons for all objects, and two new fields - file Kind and Media/MP3 Info. The Kind field, only shown by default in Simple User Mode, displays the same type of information the like-named field in the Finder displays. The Media MP3/Info field displays MP3 tags or media (image/movie/sound) characteristics.
This release also adds two new Batch menu functions: Play Media and Create Movie Previews. It also fixes numerous bugs, many of them introduced in 2.5.0.

Packages, such as used for most OS X application, are now handled similar to the Finder, as single file records, with the option to treat them as normal folders. Packages are actually folders containing many files and folders which normally should not be moved or renamed, so hiding them from the user normally makes sense. Sometimes, pieces may be removed to save space, for example, extra language files, or added to add functionality, like plug-ins. All batch functions, including Compare Contents, now work with packages as if they were single files.

Play Media looks for sound or video files in the selected files. If it finds one or more, it opens a Player window and loads the first sound or video file. After the first file is completed, the second will automatically be loaded and played. The controller is a standard QuickTime controller, and standard key commands are available. "Space" starts and stop. When playback is suspended, left and right arrow keys go back or forward one frame per click. When playing, these keys skip 10 seconds per click.
Command-option-left or right skips to the previous or next playable file.

File RoundUp Version 2.6.3 Release Notes Dec 24, 2009
* fixed bug with Leopard and Snow Leopard (10.5.x and 10.6.x) that prevented dragging of file records
* fixed bug with Snow Leopard (10.6.x) that got incorrect volume dates after list update

File RoundUp Version 2.6.2 Release Notes Dec 10, 2009

* fixed bug with Snow Leopard (10.6.x) that got incorrect volume dates
* cleaned up appearance of pop-up menus in Options panels
* cleaned up positioning of items in "Search and Selection" options panel
* fixed bug that could cause hang with certain MP3 files
* fixed bug that caused memory error (seen in Console log) after performing custom match with file contents

File RoundUp Version 2.6b12 Release Notes Jan 17, 2007

* added support for package/bundles being handled as individual files
- contents sizes added up to get size of bundle
- batch functions operate on package, transparently working with all the individual files and folders hidden within them
- makes list smaller and scans faster
* added identification of folder names ending with ".action", ".component", ".help", ".kext", ".pkg", ".mpkg", ".plugin", ".prefPane", and ".wdgt" as packages
* added more support for playing ".wav" files, wasn't playing files that weren't typed by system as "WAVE" file type
* added support for rendering Scitex CT image
* added time display to Play Media window
* improved handling of multimedia files with file type '????'
* improved auto-sizing of fields - was making name field too narrow to fit longest names
* improved handling of QuickTime movies with external references - wasn't allowing resolving
* changed Play Media window to stay visible when switching application to background
* changed Zip scanning routine to ignore redundant directory listing, files preceded by "._" and in "__MACOSX" directory
* changed - inverting selections no longer changes volume or folder record selections in search results window
* changed - folders that end with ".framework" are no longer considered packages
* cleaned up field headings for right justified fields (sizes, etc.)
* fixed bug with processing of multiple search file contents parameters - wasn't using all parameters
* fixed bug with compare by contents - when comparing a zero length MP3 file, was indicating false matches
* fixed bug - switching user modes didn't restore Options Panels hidden when not expert
* fixed bugs with deletion of package components and other folder - was reporting moved folders and crashing in some cases
* fixed cosmetic bug during Name Replace function, was flashing garbage text in progress dialog initially
* fixed bug with scanning network volumes in Tiger, was getting error -36 in some cases
* fixed display of OS X Application icons when creator code is '????'
* fixed bugs with printing introduced in 2.6b10
* fixed bugs with printing in Carbon version - was drawing file flag icons in wrong place, incorrect sizing of headings, duplicate progress dialogs.
* fixed help for menus related to File Kind, search
* fixed crash bug with saving list file in FileList format with Compact List option enabled
* fixed bug with saving configuration with "Include Windows" unchecked - was leaving invalid missing list windows, now sets to default stacked or tiled list windows if this option was used when configuration last saved
* fixed bug with saving list file in FileList format with MP3 files in it (introduced in 2.6b1)
* fixed bug with saving list file in FileList format with long file names in it. Caused FileList+ to crash. Now truncates names to 31 characters.
* fixed bug in display of archive record in Folders list window - wasn't using correct icon, could crash
* fixed bug with batch, search contents and compare contents functions when more than 28 volumes mounted (including dismounted volumes) - Was reporting error, not opening files
* fixed bug with Copy/Move function where, when copying off of a locked device with Copy Comments option on, such as a CD-ROM, was reporting locked volume error for every file
* fixed bug with keys not being recognized when Tool Palette tool-tip is showing
* fixed display of version number with packages - was overwriting name, now shown beside it
* fixed bug with not getting version info for packaged applications without .app in name
* fixed bug, from 2.6b10, with display of Volume icons when horizontally scrolled
* fixed bug in Compress batch function - converting to HQX format was crashing due to bug in StuffIt, now works around bug
* fixed bugs with hangs (spinning beach ball) during Sync Files


VERSION 2.5.0 was released 11/1/2004

The 2.5.0 update was a major redesign of the user interface, particularly the Search Palette. It offers a cleaner, simpler interface. Advanced options are hidden unless "Expert" mode is selected.

It also fixed several bugs, improves support for MP3 files and long names (list files, scanned files, folders and volumes). It also vastly improves the speed of the Update Scan function in certain situations, and adds numerous improvements and options.


VERSION 2.2.0 was released 3/24/2005

The 2.2.0 update added two powerful new search methods similar to Internet search engines like Google. These new modes allow you to perform a search by any or all of one or more words, in any order. It also adds more Panther support, as well as fixing numerous bugs and improving support for OS X. .

VERSION 2.1 was released 9/9/2002

File RoundUp Version 2.1 Changes

Ported application to Carbon for OS X 10.0 through 10.2 Jaguar with Aqua controls.

Major changes include - Search Sets (replacing Special functions), redesigned Search Palette, Improved Database, Live Scrolling, Secure Deletes, Batch Function Lockout option, Multiple Folder Selections, Folder Batch Functions, Configuration Set editor

Search Sets - A "Search Set" contains all the information needed to repeat a complex search function, including any number of parameters.
Search Sets may be saved as files, which can be loaded by double-clicking in the Finder.
Search Palette - now has a new tabbed design, with functions formerly in the separate Selection Control Palette now available here.
Improved List Database - records are larger but contain much more information and have room for growth.  Allows many functions to be faster because it reduces need to access disk.  Database still takes up less room on disk than competing software!
Secure Deletes - file deletes may now be optionally "Secure", meaning the file is completely overwritten to eliminate the ability to retrieve any file contents.
Batch Function Lockout option - Batch functions that change files (like copy, move, delete, rename) can now be made accessible only when a password is entered, allowing administrators to limit access to these powerful functions.
Folder Batch functions - Set Info, Rename, Show in Finder can now be performed on one or more folder selection as well as file selections.
Folders may now be selected and dragged.  Empty folders are displayed and created when copying.


Related Resources

File RoundUp makes use of Apple's latest release of QuickTime, version 2.5 or later. If you plan to use the image browser and thumbnailing feature and you don't have QuickTime 7.x or later yet, we suggest you download it free from Apple.

Each new version of QuickTime adds more image, movie and sound formats that are supported.  File RoundUp automatically supports all media types supported by the currently installed QuickTime. File RoundUp does not require or make use of the Pro version of QuickTime, but is fully compatible with the Trial and Pro versions of QuickTime.

The User's Guide and User's Manual are provided in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Adobe Acrobat Reader is available free at Adobe's web site. We recommend you have at least version 5 of Acrobat Reader.

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