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Do you know where all of your files are? Can you get to them quickly and easily? Do you suspect you've got multiple copies of many of your files? Are you searching for a particular image among hundreds of possibilities?

The Macintosh Finder is a wonderful file manager when working with hundreds of files. When you get into the thousands it's difficult to keep track of them. When some of your files are on network volumes, CD-ROMs, or other removable media, or when many of your files are inside compressed archives, the task becomes nearly impossible.

File RoundUp is a file management utility that picks up where the Macintosh Finder leaves off. File RoundUp quickly catalogs your files and allows you to find, view, modify, and manage them with powerful batch operations. Unlike many disk catalogers, File RoundUp is equally adept at handling files on hard drives, removeable media and network volumes. It can even catalog and find files within compressed archives created with StuffIt, ZIP and other compression utilities, as well as import the contents of Retrospect Storagesets.

File RoundUp allows you to work with all of your files, images, and multimedia. After using File RoundUp to scan your storage devices for files, you can then perform various operations on the files in the list that is created. It presents the files, folders, and volumes to you in several different formats, allowing easy association of files by location or file characteristics.

The list of files can be saved and later updated by simply opening and clicking the "Update" tool. This powerful update process tracks which files have been changed since your last update or since the list was created, indicating files that are new, renamed, modified, deleted, or moved.

In about the same time that the Find File / Sherlock search application takes to search for just one file, File RoundUp can scan your entire disk and perform a search. Subsequent searches are nearly instantaneous. What's more, File RoundUp searches can include files not currently online, so you can search all of your files, no matter where they are! That's something Find File and Sherlock can't provide.

File RoundUp can save you time, money, and hair! It makes it practical for you to manage your files, no matter how many of them you have and no matter where they're stored.


Why You Need File RoundUp.

You need File RoundUp if any of these are true for you:

  • You need to track what has been changed on a disk.

  • You need a fast and simple way to save or transfer a list of files.

  • You're working with tens - or perhaps hundreds - or thousands of files.

  • You need to find or compare files on media not local to your computer, including removables like Zip drives, remote network volumes, or backup tapes.

  • You perform file searches very frequently, even for local files.

  • You perform file searches that result in matches of hundreds of files (Sherlock / Find File slow to a crawl).

  • You perform file contents searches frequently or need to view the context of matches to find the correct file.

  • You need to get rid of duplicate copies of your files so you can get some disk space back.

  • You need to perform sophisticated operations, like grab all your project's files that were changed this month and put them on a backup disk without moving them from their folders or doing them one at a time.

  • You're trying to reorganize your files and need to move files from numerous folders to another folder.

  • You need to see what's inside an archive without decompressing it.

  • You need an automated cataloging system.

  • You need to manipulate folders containing hundreds of files with fast response.

  • You're producing a CD-ROM and want to eliminate any duplicates before you cut the disk.

  • You need to view multimedia files quickly or offline.

  • You're trying to perform font tracking, finding all your fonts on all your storage media and determining which has the font and version you require.

  • You're trying to collect the files and images associated with a particular project from where ever they are in your system, and move or copy them all to one location.

  • You're producing CD-ROMs or DVDs of images, sounds, or multi-media, and want to provide the user with a high-quality catalog of the contents, usable either from the removable media or stored on the user's hard drive.

These are just a few of the reasons why you need File RoundUp!


What Can File RoundUp Do?

File RoundUp is the Swiss army knife of disk utilities, and a lot more. It has dozens of blades, but here are just a few. . .

  • A blazing fast disk cataloger that catalogs files and archives all types of media including:

    • hard drives
    • floppies
    • CD-ROMs
    • DVD-R
    • removables (such as Zip, Jaz, and SyQuest cartridges)
    • network volumes
    • desktop tape drives

  • A powerful and fast file search utility with Search Sets for easily repeatable complex searches (including GREP - Regular Expressions for advanced searching)

  • A "changes" processor, telling you what has been changing on your disk

  • A batch file processor, capable of many powerful operations including:

    • Delete
    • Launch
    • Display Image Thumbnails
    • Show File (in Finder)
    • Copy
    • Move
    • Rename (manual)
    • Rename (search/replace)
    • Set File Info (dates, locked, invisible, label, file type, file creator)
    • Synchronize
    • Edit Comments (includes ability to edit keywords for image files, or to move keywords to comments)
    • Compress
    • Expand

  • A duplicate / related files finder

  • A powerful image browser, supporting most formats of still, movie, and sound files

Besides combining almost every file tool there is into one application, File RoundUp makes it possible for those tools to interact, greatly expanding the power available to you, the user.

Did I say it was fast?!? File RoundUp makes it possible to do in seconds what would often take hours to do by other means!

Yes, File RoundUp has many, many capabilities and lots of tools. You don't need to be intimidated by its interface, however. You can configure the windows to be as simple or as complex as you'd like. All window display items are user configurable. You can hide any fields and tools you don't need. Shortcuts are plentiful to simplify the most complex operations.

File RoundUp offers lots of options. Options equal power. The problem can be managing all the options. File RoundUp lets you set your options once, and if you choose, skip the options dialog until you'd like to change them. It lets you configure and save sets of options, changing the whole look and feel of the application to match the function you are performing. It offers User Modes, that presets the basic interface as simple, or as expert as you choose.


Where Did File RoundUp Come From?

File RoundUp is the much anticipated successor to FileList+, the top rated shareware file management tool.

FileList+ has long been the best Macintosh disk cataloger for dealing with all types of disks. Thousands of users have used FileList+ to save countless hours working with their piles of files. Now, File RoundUp has taken FileList+ to the next level, adding many powerful file manipulation tools that can perform batch operations on your files, and much more!

Warp Ten Software is dedicated to making tools that save you time, and make possible what would be impossible by other means. In Star Trek terminology, "Warp Ten" refers to a speed much faster than the speed of light, whereby time goes backwards. That's our mission, making time for you.


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